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My goal is to make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable in the form of well-designed user experiences. I am human-centered design-centric and leverage data-driven research in every project I work on.

My Life Experiences Define who I am (The Long Story)

I was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey which is one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. Although, many would see this as a disadvantage in life, I chose to see this as a unique identifier. Fortunately, I earned a scholarship to for high school at Quaker private school, Moorestown Friends. The juxtaposition of living in a very impoverished city and going to school in what was America’s best town to live in 2005 was very important in creating a well-cultured perspective upon the world.

During my time at Rutgers University, I began teaching myself web-development so that I could start building a portfolio, earning some side cash, and start helping the local creative scene in Philadelphia. Here, I started mastering HTML and CSS as well as becoming very comfortable with the Adobe Suite. I found myself wanting to make custom animations and videos in my designs since I was working with musicians, art galleries, and other artists.


Skip ahead many hours of schooling, working, and late-nights of learning code, I met the co-founders of Brainyloft at Philly Tech Week. I joined the team there and really expediting the learning process. I quickly mastered WordPress development, digital marketing, managing a team of developers, and design thinking.

I started my own agency, JOLT, at the start of 2018 with three other partners. We generated many clients and offered a range of creative services such as web and mobile app development, brand design & strategy, and digital marketing.

Since April ’19, I have been working as a Web Developer at King & Partners. Based in New York, we work with an array of fashion, hospitality, and lifestyle brands offerings various services in marketing, design, and development. I focus my skills in WordPress, Ruby, Javascript to help build out pixel-perfect websites. Our team is nimble and efficient which gives me a great amount of say in how our products are built and managed.

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