Belooga | Python/Django Web Application

The Brief

The concept for Belooga was brought to my team (JOLT) and me in the earliest stages. A Philadelphia entrepreneur was ready to start a new business after an idea occurred to him during vacation. Having worked with him previously, he came to me with the raw idea to disrupt the job hiring industry by focusing on video. The whole JOLT team was excited about the idea and eagerly offered the whole house of services to jumpstart Belooga.

  1. Research & Insights
  2. Brand Design & Messaging
  3. Web App Design & Development
  4. Videography
  1. Python
  2. Django
  3. React
  4. PostgreSQL

Starting the Right Way

From the beginning, the JOLT team knew not begin working in the application out of pure excitement. We wanted to make a product that was right for the market. We first conducted quantitive and qualitative research in the form of in-person interviews with industry professionals and an online survey send to the large college network in Philadelphia and New York. We learned that the younger demographic (18-24) felt underserved with the current job boards and professional networks.

The Belooga team saw this an opportunity to build a platform that appealed to college students and early post-grad adults. Belooga had to be modern, edgy, yet professional so that it can be taken serious by our younger demographic. An engaging and intuitive platform had to be designed and developed for job candidate users to easily create a video based profile on the Belooga.

Diving in Head First

The Belooga platform is approaching its first public release by the end of 2018! The JOLT team assisted in the overall strategy and branding with help in creating the Business Roadmap, Logo & Brand Bible, and Go To Market Strategy. Once we had a clear picture for what the platform needed to be and how it could grow in the future, I began developing the web app.

As a developer who is always learning the newest technologies in building Progressive Web Apps, I decided to use a stack of Python & Django connected to a PostgreSQL database. After building the backend, I quickly decided to build a React.JS front end to allow for the benefits of building in components and the virtual DOM. A REST API is built with Django to connect with the React front-end and this will also allow for speedy development of the mobile app when that needs to be built.

Overall, it has been a great pleasure to work with our client during this process, and the entire JOLT team is personally invested in the success of this platform. The Belooga team will begin on-boarding users in early 2019 and I will continue to assist in tech direction and maintenance.

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