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The Brief

BienVita is an authentic Korean Skincare company that is preparing for their US launch. Bien Vita was founded by a cosmetics expert and Korean university professor. With her sister, an esthetician at a Dermatology clinic, they co-led the medical skin care program 20 years ago, creating a new set of techniques and skincare programs for dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

  1. Research & Insights
  2. Brand Positioning & Strategy
  3. Web App Design & Development
  1. Shopify
  2. Liquid
  3. HTML & CSS
  4. Javascript
  5. Anime.js

Understanding the Roots

The BienVita opportunity was brought to me and the JOLT team early in the development of their Go to Market (United States) strategy. The BienVita team was ready to take their organic cosmetic products that they have seen great success in South Korea to the U.S market. They were looking to partner with a U.S digital agency to handle the website and marketing strategy.

With such an exciting opportunity, JOLT wanted to handle all things digital on this because we do our best work when we build multiple products & services in conjunction. This is true due to our extensive market research phase. The team first conducts research on the skincare industry looking for insights on design, e-commerce user flows, messaging, and digital marketing strategies. From here, we can develop the core values and messaging that will define the website and digital marketing strategy.

Results that Show

BienVita’s only request was a Shopify site; other than that, we were able to get as creative as we saw fit. Not having built a custom theme for Shopify before, I challenged myself to learn Liquid, which is Shopify’s templating language. I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed this learning experience. I was able to quickly understand how to build a custom theme with my previous Javascript & HTML/CSS knowledge that also connected with Shopify’s Content Management System.

JOLT designed this site with two main user groups in mind: uninformed Korean Skin Care customers and Well Informed Korean Skin Care customers. We tailored our design to match the priority of the two groups so that either group could find information catered to their knowledge level. The aesthetic of the site is simple, but vibrant. We used natural colors and imagery of the ingredients to emphasize the organic ingredients used in BienVita’s products.BienVita will launch by the end of 2018!

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