The Burgeoning

The Burgeoning is an Indie Pop band based in Philadelphia. Their music┬áis a blend of each member’s style and musical roots, and together it forms an array of dance, love, and nostalgic tracks. I met the lead singer, Logan Thierjung, at one of their performances, and we immediately bonded over music and design.

He told me that he was doing all of their graphics and web design. I told him that I would be happy to work with them on their forthcoming rebrand. As artists, the band had a lot of ideas for designs, logo ideas, and overall aesthetic of their content. The biggest challenge was to evaluate every idea, combine with design thinking principles, and output in the form of a website.

To quickly get a genuine understanding of the band and its overall vision, I spend a lot of time with them at rehearsals, concerts, and team meetings. This really helped with making design and content decisions. I even helped with art direction in photo and video shoots.

Logan and I were able to establish with a theme within the branding with a use of a blended color style of red, green, and blue. This came in the form of this acid-dripping background that is used in a secondary form of their logo, gradient overlays, and border backgrounds. We designed a site to prioritize information on their tour dates and merchandise sales.

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