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The Brief

Case Escape helps people looking to start their own phone case business. They provide the equipment and training required for anybody to begin selling custom phone cases. This was my first assignment as a project manager at Brainyloft. Since our team was small, I was responsible for the design of the logo & website as well as the client communication.

The Case Escape team had great success with their own custom phone cases as well as their Startup Printer Kit sales, but their website and overall branding did not reflect the growth they have experienced since inception. We needed to design a brand and website that would demonstrate the legitimacy of Case Escape

  1. Brand Design & Positioning
  2. Digital Marketing Strategies
  3. Website Design & Development
  4. Advanced Analytics
  1. WordPress
  2. PHP
  3. HTML & CSS
  4. Adobe Photoshop

Customizing our Solutions

The previous aesthetic of Case Escape was very laid back and beachy. So we decided to take a more professional approach using Apple as a baseline for design and brand messaging. In terms of strategy, we saw that Case Escape just had introduced a free drop shipping business model, where users could apply to become a partner with Case Escape and have them ship custom phone case orders on the user’s behalf.

The Brainyloft team saw the potential of scalability in this approach and began to design a viral marketing solution around the upcoming Apple iPhone X Keynote. We always saw great success with our projects that allowed us to create marketing strategies around digital assets we designed.

Escaping From the Ordinary

We were able to unveil the new site by the day of the Keynote so that Case Escape could capitalize on its best time of the year. The reception was great from new and previous customers. Customers of the printing kits and dropshipping memberships were given a portal to make ordering printers, supplies, and phone cases much easier than before. On the backend, this made Case Escape’s job much easier with automation of orders & customer communication.

The marketing strategy that was created came in the form of a graphic designer contest. The theory was to hold a design contest that marketed towards freelance artists, a market that would be able to create good designs but need training from the Case Escape team. To win, one must share their designs and receive the most likes on their posts on the Case Escape contest page. The winner of the contest would receive 3 months free of the premium dropshipping membership which included reduced case prices, one-on-one time with the CEO, and even a Shopify site.

We saw great success throughout the contest and was able to generate hundreds of leads that were all great fits to start their own phone case businesses. The work did not here; for three months after the end of the contest, we monitored the site analytics as well as a heat map to understand how users were interacting with the site, and we adjusted the site and content to lower bounce rates and improve conversions.

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