ModaMatters | Full Website Redesign

The Brief

ModaMatters is a new Italian-inspired custom menswear brand for regular guys who appreciate high-quality clothing, but don’t enjoy the stuffy and impersonal shopping experience that usually goes along with it.

I have a very close relationship with the Moda team having worked with them as a freelancer first back in November ’17, and again with my JOLT team in March ’18. ModaMatters was ready to pull the trigger on a complete redesign of their e-commerce website.

  1. Brand Positioning & Strategy
  2. E-Commerce Consultation
  3. Website Design & Development
  1. WordPress
  2. PHP
  3. HTML & CSS
  4. Adobe Photoshop

Tailoring our Design

ModaMatters wanted to redesign their website because of their business model shift. The former site was focused on selling custom tailored suits and ready to wear products. Moda decided to use their connections with WeWork to expand from Philadelphia to New York and D.C. We all agreed the site needed to better tell the story of ModaMatters and focus on getting people in the Moda Studio for custom fittings.

As all of my projects begin, we start with a workshop with the client to establish the brand’s core values, target market, and industry standards to begin on the right foot. This allows for any service or product developed to be in line with the vision of our client. Our insights led us to create a design the showcased the new wave of Italian Apparel that ModaMatters provides to their customers.

All in the Details

Mimicking Italian cultural items such as Espressos, the food, and Ferraris, I was able to design a website that felt fast, yet professional. The use of Ferrari Red for the CTAs creates a sense of urgency for the most important actions on the website.

Additionally, the italicized font and smooth animations give the site a modern and bespoke aesthetic. The collection page for their newest collaboration with Men’s Style Pro was a centerpiece for the rollout of the redesign, and it even won Best of Philly.

The Moda team was delighted with the work done and it had a great effect on their traffic and revenue since the launch of the new site. The month after launching, ModaMatters yielded their best month to date and continued to increase the average monthly sales. Their website has seen a huge spike in unique users and sessions. I always enjoy working with ModaMatters and intend to stay involved in their growth!

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