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The Brief

Partnerbase is a subnetwork of Bob Moore‘s latest startup, Crossbeam. Bob Moore is an experienced entrepreneur based in Philadelphia and he is looking to use Crossbeam to help companies find overlapping customers and prospects while keeping the rest of their data private and secure. Partnerbase serves as a knowledge base of all the partnerships fostered by Crossbeam. Partnerbase is leveraged to route users from this site to learning more about the data services of Crossbeam.

  1. UX/UI
  2. Web Design & Development
  1. HTML & CSS
  3. Javascript

Things Move Fast

Having briefly worked with Crossbeam on some initial branding efforts, Bob wanted to work with the JOLT team and requested us to build the front end for Partnerbase. Bob Moore likes to move fast on his startups, so we were faced with the task to build the brand foundation of Partnerbase. We quickly met with with Bob and Buck (Crossbeam CTO) to understand the direction and begin building a product that was needed with in a month.

While Partnerbase could be compared to Crunchbase as a company data website, the main difference is that Partnerbase will be powered by Crossbeams clients. These partnerships will be dynamically populated and displayed in a visually intriguing way.

Powered Performance

We designed a simple and efficient front end that would create a seamless user experience. I led the JOLT team by creating the Mid & High Fidelity Wireframes and then building the front end based on our designs. Using design sprint methodology, we worked closely with Bob and Buck to never stop the design or dev process by building fast and communicating weekly about progress.

Partnerbase was very pleased with the work that was accomplished in a short sprint. The JOLT team prides itself on being a nimble and versatile team that is able to make great products faster than most. Partnerbase is a great example of this ideology.

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